American Gold Buffalo Coins

The American Gold Buffalo bullion and collector coins were introduced in 2006. These were the first coins produced by the United States Mint with a composition of 24 karat gold. The series features the famous design by James Earle Fraser used for the Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel. Due to the iconic design and purity of the gold content, the coins have been very popular with both precious metals investors and coin collectors alike.

Gold Buffalo

The one ounce bullion versions of the coins have been offered annually from 2006 to present. These coins are initially sold to the US Mint's network of network of authorized purchasers who resell the coins to other dealers and the public. During the year of issue, the coins are typically available for a small premium to their metal content, however prior years and high grade certified coins command a premium.

A one ounce proof version of the coin was also offered to collectors for 2006 and 2007. In 2008, the United States Mint expanded their line of collectible Gold Buffalo coins to include fractional versions of the proof coin, as well as a similar range of uncirculated versions of the coins. The collectible uncirculated coins were struck on specially burnished blanks and carried the "W" mint mark. At the end of 2008, the US Mint announced that all of the newly introduced collector coins wold be discontinued, making them special one year issues.

From 2009 onwards, the US Mint resumed issuing only the one ounce bullion coin and one ounce proof coin. In recent years, the mintage levels for the annual proof coins have drifted lower, signaling a possible opportunity.

The US Mint issued the 2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo coin in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of James Earle Fraser's classic design. As opposed to the traditional proof finish, the raised design elements were mirrored and the background fields were frosted for a unique effect.

Collectors of the series often pursue coins that have been encapsulated and graded by the two major coin grading services PCGS and NGC. Coins which receive the highest grades of Proof 70 or MS 70 command premiums above lower grade or raw coins.

This site will provide further information on the series and a wide selection of PCGS and NGC American Gold Buffalo Coins for sale. This includes all years of the series and all versions of the coin. Find the perfect Gold Buffalo to add to your collection!